We love our staff, and are loved by them. Here is a peek at some of the people serving Crossroads and the community:

Our Pastors, Tim and Deb McCart, arrived in July 2017 to serve as short term Interim pastors (temporary). After a year, the church invited Tim and Deb to serve Crossroads full time as Pastors, and they accepted.
Tim and Deb are originally from Pasadena, Ca moving to Portland, Or to study for the ministry. Tim graduated from Warner Pacific College in ’89 and began serving the Church of God in Washington and now in La Grande. Their primary calling in ministry is to be encouragers, drawing people to know God’s love. They have 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Most of their family is living in Spokane, so they still get to visit as often as possible.

Their joys are their kids, grandkids and great-grandkids; and riding their motorcycles (long time members of CMA – Christian Motorcyclists Assn). Deb loves to garden and Tim likes to harvest.


Worship Team
Our Worship Team is led by Kathryn Kennington, Deb McCart, and Kara Thiessen. Kathryn plays piano and sings, Kara plays guitar and sings; Deb sings and does most of the behind the scenes work of printing and arranging the music for Sunday morning. The girls all have a heart for worship and have worked hard at making the worship time a moment of focus on God and His incredible grace.


Kidz Ministry
We have a great team serving yours at Crossroads. Deb, Mikaela Shelton, Pam Moore and Seglinda Martinez work together to staff our nursery, and teach during Kidz Church. They love it when they get to take their turn going downstairs with the kids, seeing the excitement and having fun one can only have with kids.
Each of our staff have been Background checked, knowing how important that is to you.


Media Team

Joe and Jadon Martinez, Heath Horn and Colten Alldredge serve on our Media Team providing our “Live Streaming” on YouTube, accessed directly on our YT Channel, via the link on our Home Page here on our website.  Running the production includes camera, broadcasting programming, and sound engineering.  Joe has provided the knowledge and resources to get us up and running.  We are thankful for his leadership and for the team as together they strive to provide a valuable service to those who count on online broadcasting.


Seglinda has been seeing to it that you always have something yummy AND healthy to snack on after service while you connect. She also leads a team in preparing food for monthly dinners after service, sometimes provided by the church and sometimes potlucks. Barb Hawes, Deb, Seglinda, Mikaela and Pam are some of Seglinda’s team. She keeps her team laughing and serving together.

Crossroads Council
Our Leadership Council includes Jason Stone – Chair, Kevin Reed – Vice Chair, Fred Moore – Secretary, Larry Watson – Treasurer and John Thiessen. Their leadership is invaluable, overseeing the finances and facilities, as well as serving as shepherds of the church family. God has given us an immense gift in them.


Crossroads Facility Team Lead – Larry Watson
Larry is the anchor of our facility, taking care of it in ways that many of our people are unaware. He is always on the lookout for things that need maintenance or repair, for updating or replacing, or for expanding. Larry is one of the longest standing members of our family and is extremely knowledgeable about the facility and our history. In addition to the church building, Larry has also completed countless projects on the church owned parsonage. Fortunately for Larry, we have a team of men with a heart for service and skills to match. Crossroads is blessed by these men.