We are grateful you are reviewing our website. Either you are a part of the Crossroads family and are checking out our page, or you are interested to know who we are and what we believe before you make the decision to visit us.
Knowing who we are and what we believe is an important part of that decision, and our prayer is that He would draw your heart to His, no matter where you decide to worship.

We are so glad you are here . Most people in this day and age, who are looking for a church in their community, take a look at the internet first. We are excited to have our website available to you for that purpose.  We believe God cares about us personally and wants us to thrive and as we do, invest ourselves in the lives of those around us. The world isn’t the same as when I was growing up, and maybe you find that to be true for you as well. I am so thankful God has not changed… He still meets us with grace and compassion, and a hope that does not fade.

You are welcome to check out our services on YouTube if you like, to get a better idea of what to expect. But you can expect a warm, genuine greeting of imperfect people looking to impact La Grande with the love of Jesus Christ.

A Little History

Crossroads initially began meeting in 1941, in someone’s home before moving to a church building on Spruce St. In 1951, the congregation had outgrown the Spruce location, and began construction on the current facility on Jefferson. The new building was built the way many churches of that time period were… by men in the congregation with the help of a contractor leading them. At that time, the church was known as Pioneer Park Church of God, (or to locals as “the little blue church”). Always a Church of God (of Anderson, Ind), the families took on the name Crossroads Community at the turn of 2000 and completed a remodel at that time. Crossroads continues its affiliation with Church of God, sharing its beliefs and doctrine which are posted below. 

Who We Are

We are a non-denominational church (guided by God’s heart for the local community rather than by a national directive), affiliated with and accountable to the Church of God – Anderson, IN.

We are committed to the purpose and passion of reaching out to those who have never experienced God’s love in a way that brings hope and meaning to their life. It is through the teaching of the whole Bible that people begin to know God better and understand His heart for them, as well as His purpose for their lives. When we put His principles into practice, we find ourselves being transformed and experiencing hope and joy.

We are a church of people; authentic people, learning and growing together. We are not perfect; we can and do say the wrong thing at times, after all we are people. But we are committed to loving as Jesus loved, and forgiving as He has forgiven us. We are committed to the belief we are better walking this adventure of life together.
If you have no church home and want to learn more about this God who loves you, we invite you to be a part of our journey, as together we seek to learn and to honor Him in our worship and in our lives.

Vision and Purpose

To love people to the heart of the Father, by loving like Jesus.

What We Believe

We believe God is the creator and sustainer of life, eternally existing in three persons: the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe the Bible is inspired (God breathed) by the Holy Spirit, that it is true, accurate and given by God for our benefit in knowing Him and living a life of grace. Through the Bible we find His design for us as a people and community. When we put His Word into practice in our lives, we find hope, meaning and purpose.

We believe the church is a family of faith. The Bible describes the church as the body of Christ, and as the bride of Christ. Much of the letters of the Apostle Paul are a matter of how the church is to live out that reality in a world that is not convinced and is hostile to the truth of scripture. We are called to love one another, to bear one another’s burdens, to hold one another up and to hold one another accountable to what we know to be true. We are called to pray for one another and to worship with one another. We are called “joint heirs,” and are to reflect that.

We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, that as He walked on earth in history He was fully human and fully divine. He was tempted as we are but without sin and became the payment for our sins on the cross. He died, was in the grave for three days and was resurrected on the 3rd day by the Father. He appeared to His disciples and over 500 others for a period of 40 days. He was taken back in to heaven in the presence of His disciples and sits at the right hand of God, waiting for the day the Father sends Him back to retrieve those who believe in Him, and bring them to heaven to live for eternity. Those who reject Him will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but will be cast out into the darkness as a result of their own rebellion.

We believe our purpose is to reveal the heart of God to all who will listen, to invest in them and to love them with His love.